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Explore the site and share your feedback. Write to me leomohan (at) yahoo (dot) com. 

Stock Market Tutorial

Stock Market Video Series

Over 800 subscribers, 40K plus views and hundreds of mails wasn't the exact response when I started-off with the Stock market tutorial (in Tamil) video series on Youtube. Check it out. 

Mohan version 4.0

Mohan version 4.0

Relaunching myself with a new company, brand new profile and exciting technologies around (SDN, NFV etc). Keep watching this space, as I'll continue to do what I am really good at - 'Sharing knowledge' as I continue to learn. 


Back seat

New place to settle and new job challenges have kept my literary interests in the back seat. That's the way its going to be for another couple of years, as I embark into resuming my academic interests and language learning (Hindi & Sanskrit). 

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