About Me

Live, Love, Laugh

Hailing from a small town, I did everything that a boy belonging to a middle-class family from a town does! I used to attend Hindi classes, learn carnatic music, participate in oratorical competition, essay writing, short skits & dramas, and villu pattu (Bow song). Short distances between schools and other extra classes, constantly visiting family friends and relatives (asking questions in grammar or GK to check how good your host's children are!), and a healthy competition ('you know my son is district first last year, how is your son doing in maths') are characteristics of small towns. Academic achievements are on one hand, everybody was expected to do something extra curricular.
My dad was a popular senior officer in the postal department and my mom was equally popular as a free-styled tailoring teacher. My sister was active in 'Bharat natyam' (classical dance) and no wonder spotlight was hovering around us to keep the pressure on.
My first recognized one such instance was when my photo was published in a local newspaper having stood first in the education district. That prompted me to bit more adventurous and took-up 'Computer Science' then buzzword in the academics. Probably, I was part of the first batch computer science student in Tamil Nadu. We learnt BASIC(a), ForTran and bit of hardware. That proved to be a turning point, and here am I, in the world of IT. English teaching community lost one good teacher :-), though I am not able to imagine teaching one subject for all my life. But the teaching passion remains till today. It helped me to travel abroad, deliver presentations and lectures, network with hundreds of people which I am not sure any other industry would have offered.
Reading, writing (fiction and technical), delivering training and presentations continue to be my areas of interests. However, what you will write about or deliver presentations on? You need content. That's where the reading habit came handy. My enthusiasm in gathering IT certifications in the early part of my career continued till late and I went on to get myself certified by over 20+ leading IT vendors in about 50 products and technologies. And now you know, I 'had' something to talk about!
There are lot of things to share about, talk about, let's stay connected! Drop me a mail, if you want to be connected or share your feedback on my works! Thank you for stopping by!