Tamil Poems

 1.அந்தோ இந்த பெண்ணின் காதல்
2.போர் வெறி
3.போர் முடிந்ததின் அறிகுறி
4.இடையில் வந்து நான் மெல்ல சொல்லும் வல்லிய கருத்து
5.மெய்யுலக அந்தாதி
6.நவீன ஆத்திச் சூடி
7.சிறிய விஷயங்கள் தந்த பெரிய இன்பங்கள்
8.நீரோடை தெளிந்தது!
10.என் காதலியும் என் கல்லறையும்
11.என் காதலியும் என் கல்லறையும் - 2
12.என் காதலியும் என் கல்லறையும் 3

Tamil Articles

1.​புத்தகம் படிக்கும் முறை  - 1
2.புத்தகம் படிக்கும் முறை - 2
3.லிஃப்டில் ஒரு பயணம்
4.மார்கழியில் ஒரு காலை
5.அஞ்சறைப் பெட்டி மனது
6.புதுக்குடி - மலரும் நினைவுகள்



Web Presence

First generation Internet users may remember Tripod, Fortunecity and Mail city. Web crawler used to be a popular search engine apart from Yahoo!. My web presence started by creating websites in these free hosting sites (remember getting only 2 MB free space, but with full ftp), email IDs (mail.com and rocketmail.com) and participation (later creating) in Yahoo! newsgroups.
Network consultants Yahoo! group was leading in the IT category before spammers made a mess out of it and moderating on daily basis became a challenge when one wanted to learn and grow up the ladder.
My interest in writing got encouraged when I started participating in forums. Becoming a published author was always my dream, though my initial interests were in fiction. Along with few friends of common interests, we started a handwritten magazine which was released monthly, circulated among friends:Theni (meaning 'Honey bee'). Probably later this skill got extended to technical writing.
Unlike publishing a book, where readers have to buy the book, pick-up a postcard to drop a word of appreciation or criticism, this phpBB forums gave instant responses, feedback, comments and criticism which really encouraged the writer in me. You don't have to wait for months to know you have done a good work or not! This triggered and multiple forms of expressions got unleashed. Short stories, articles, novels, podcasts and videos started flowing freely encouraged by positive responses. I got to convert some of 1990s casual writing into digital to feed the hungry netizens. It worked!
This was a foundation and it didn't stop there! Articles in newspapers, later went to become a published coauthor, but the desire to get your works on hard print (fiction) is still the summit to be conquered.
The links here are some of my Tamil works. You may find links to my English works under the section 'More'.